Performers only

This page is purely information for performers at Heathfield Le Marche (August Bank Holiday Monday).

All performers have to carry public liability insurance in order to appear at our event.  Our event insurers insist that there can be no exceptions to this.

For those that already carry public liability insurance, please forward us the following at your earliest convenience (to be sent each year even if you appear regularly):

Name of artist/band etc.

Insurance Company.

Value of public liability insurance (in millions).  Minimum sum insured must be 2 million.

Expiry date of policy (after the August Bank Holiday Monday!).

Policy number.

If your existing policy expires before the event date, please still send the details and confirm that you will be renewing. Please update us upon renewal.

If you do not already have public liability cover then you can either shop around to find a deal that suits you (remember that you must have cover of at least two million pounds) or or you can follow the instructions below.  All it takes is a telephone call, the only trouble being that it has to be done from your end so we cannot just do it for you.

Here is the precedure:

Ring CETA Insurance on 01608 647604 (9am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).

When you get through to a human you will be asked for your details and band details, event name (Heathfield Le Marche or French Market), date of event (August Bank Holiday Monday) and times (if you say 08.00 - 17.00 then it covers all set up times etc.).  You will also be asked the approximate postcode for the event.  This is TN21 8LB for the stage and TN21 8JD for the High Street.

You require public liability insurance for £2million (this insurance does not cover anything else).


You will be given a price, which is about £42 for a group in 2017 (could be less for other types of entertainment).  Now, unfortunately, you do have to pay from your end, so take it into account when you quote us your appearance fee.  It costs nothing extra if you use a debit card.

When you are emailed your certificate of insurance please forward a copy to us, or at least the information below.  The email address will be the one we have contacted you on.

Information required:

Insurance Company.

Value of public liability insurance (in millions). Minimum sum insured must be 2 million.

Expiry date of policy (after the August Bank Holiday Monday).

Policy number.

Thank you